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Below, I’ll go over the best businesses to buy, where to find deals, how to do diligence, how to transfer ownership of the store and much more.

How to Buy an Online Business

Step One: Find Your Ecommerce Store

Before we start, I want to just say that picking the type of ecommerce business to buy is very the most important part of your journey. Certain businesses might require more technical knowledge, so it’s important to consider your strengths and weaknesses before you choose your business style. Dropshipping and digital products are great for beginners and those on a budget, as there is little to no overheard. Ecommerce stores with physical inventory on hand require much more day-to-day maintenance, overhead costs, and come with logistical issues, but are more profitable.

If you have no experience in online business and want to pick my brain on what business model might be best for you (or anything else), I recommend scheduling a meeting with me. Additionally, you can join my paid Facebook Group where I have over 20 hours of content and courses designed to help you throughout this whole process, plus you can post questions and get feedback from other group members.

Below, I will briefly go over the most popular types of online businesses, and provide a link to view some examples for sale. 

Step Two: Due Diligence

Once you’ve found your business, you need to make sure the financial metrics in the listing are legit, and the opportunity is not a scam (scams are plentiful on Flippa if looking for cheap businesses under $5,000, so be careful). The following is a brief guide on how to evaluate a business on Flippa. If possible, seek advice from professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and regulatory professionals. You can contact me for any questions during this process.

  • Review Financial Metrics: Look at the revenue and profit figures provided by the seller. Pay attention to factors such as monthly revenue, profit margins, and growth trends over time. Ensure that the financial data provided is accurate and can be verified by asking to see the sellers bank statements. For stores with lots of traffic, confirm Ad Spend data is accurate by asking for access to accounts. It’s just as important to confirm that expenses are accurately recorded as revenue.
  • Assess Traffic Sources and Quality: Examine the sources of traffic to the website or online business by getting access to Google Analytics or the Shopify Dashboard from the seller. Determine whether the traffic is organic, paid, or from other sources like social media or referrals. Evaluate the quality of the traffic by looking at metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, and conversion rates. Here is the best place to find opportunities to improve the business and increase the revenue post acquisition.
  • Evaluate the Business Model: Determine the sustainability and scalability of the business model. Consider factors such as product or service uniqueness, competitive advantage, barriers to entry, and potential for expansion into new markets or product lines. You want to purchase a business that has a wide enough niche to continue growth but is not over saturated with competition.
  • Assess Operational Requirements: Evaluate the time, effort, and capital required to operate the business. Consider factors such as inventory management, fulfillment processes, customer support, and marketing strategies. Determine whether the business can be easily managed by a single individual or if it requires a team.
  • Check for Legal and Compliance Issues: Ensure that the business is compliant with relevant laws and regulations, especially regarding intellectual property rights, data protection, and consumer rights. Verify that all necessary licenses and permits are in place. Ensure the taxes are paid and all orders that have been paid for have been shipped. Work with the seller to determine who will handle returns during the transfer of ownership.
  • Review Seller Reputation and Feedback: Take into account the reputation and track record of the seller on Flippa. Review feedback from previous buyers and sellers to assess their credibility and reliability. I always recommend scheduling a call with a seller before placing an offer.

Step Three: Negotiate

To negotiate a deal on Flippa, start by thoroughly understanding the listing and setting your budget. Contact the seller expressing interest and ask a list of preliminary questions to make sure the opportunity is legitimate. Once you decide to make an offer, present your it clearly. Negotiate terms respectfully, document agreements, conduct more in depth due diligence, finalize the transaction securely, and provide feedback after completion. If the listing is in auction, you will need to place a bid.

Step Four: Legal and Financial Considerations

Buying a business entails various legal and financial considerations. Legally, you must ensure the sale adheres to relevant regulations, and verify intellectual property rights and any liabilities. Financially, you must assess the business’s profitability, potential for growth, and risks. Additionally, consider taxes, transfer fees, and potential legal costs associated with the transaction. Consulting with me can help navigate these complexities and mitigate risks.

Step Five: Finalize the Purchase

Once due diligence is complete, the offer is accepted, all terms have been agreed upon, and the legal considerations are squared away, finalize the purchase by signing the necessary documents and transferring funds to the seller. This is typically done through and requires the buyer to place funds in escrow. When domain is transferred from the buyer to the seller, the buyer typically has a seven day inspection period to review purchase. Once the seven days are up and the buyer acknowledges there are no issues, Escrow releases the funds.

Depending on the complexity of the transaction, you may need assistance from legal and financial professionals.

Final Thoughts

The truth is, you will most likely have lots of questions during the process and need some help if you’ve never owned an online business. With over seven years of experience and over 15 businesses bought and sold, I am happy to offer my services to help with purchasing or help with day-to-day operations. Just fill out the contact form below, or join my private Facebook group, and I’ll happily get back to you.

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About Me

My name is Blake Webster and I’m a seasoned entrepreneur with a career spanning seven years. Over time, I have honed my expertise by buying and scaling high-ticket dropshipping businesses. Currently, I own and operate three thriving high-ticket dropshipping stores, each tailored to meet the demands of specific niche markets.

Throughout my journey, I’ve developed a keen understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and strategic business development. After helping some friends of mine buy their own ecommerce stores, I have decided to share my expertise with more people through this website and my Facebook group.

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  • How to do due diligence on a potential business opportunity
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  • How to do on-page SEO
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  • How to set up email marketing

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Blake’s Facebook group was instrumental in guiding me through the complexities of buying a business. His expertise and personalized approach not only saved me time but also ensured I made informed decisions every step of the way.
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Working with Blake was a game-changer in my journey to purchase a business. His strategic insights and attention to detail were invaluable, leading to a seamless acquisition process and setting a strong foundation for future success.
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This is the most comprehensive ecommerce course I’ve taken and believe me, I’ve taken a lot! Well done! Absolutely suggest anyone serious about buying an online store to join the Facebook group!
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Thanks to Blake’s expert guidance, purchasing a business became a streamlined and efficient process. His comprehensive understanding of the online landscape made me feel comfortable that.
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